Quality Roles & Responsibilities

Program or Project Manager (PM)

The PM is the Aeolus focal point for maintaining the quality requirements per the SOW. PM will periodically hold monthly Quality reviews with functional area leads as necessary. PM will also play an active role in collecting Quality related feedback from the customer. The PM is responsible for quality assurance guidance and to ensure that contract quality requirements, provision, standards, and thresholds are defined, practical, enforceable, necessary, and verifiable. The PM evaluates and documents performance in accordance with the QAP and SOW, notifies the Contracting Officer of any significant performance deficiencies, maintains surveillance documentation, recommends improvements to the QAP and SOW throughout the life of the contract and works with the customer Quality Leader to understand and operate Aeouls Quality activities in alignment with the customer. PM informs the Aeolus Team, the names, duties, and limitations of authority for all quality assurance personnel assigned to the contract.

Functional Area Leads

These leads provide leadership efforts for all quality control activities. For his/her area of responsibility, these leads are responsible for ensuring accuracy and completeness and to ensure that contract quality requirements, provision, standards, and thresholds are met. They may delegate authority based on specific expertise required. They will plan and perform audits, reviews, and other associated Quality activities in alignment with the processes and procedures documented in this QAP. Other roles include:

•Report results from Quality activities at organisational levels and report on progress/ issues, use quiality tools as appropriate

•Escalate problems to the Quality process to the leadership

•Attendance at customer Quality network sessions

•Provide Quality training or present on Quality activities, as required

•Identify and apply Quality best practices

•Review the operation of Quality activities and identify opportunities for improvement

Quality Requirements & Implementation

Aeolus Team will ensure that using this Quality effort, all performance requirements specified in SOW are met. The PM will review the following for an effective Quality program with continuous improvements.

Addresses the extent to which Aeolus Team:

1. Met contract requirements, including the accuracy (information conveyed by products and services are factually accurate and, where applicable, annotated with supporting source) and completeness of reports or data delivered (products are complete, coordinated with all related managers and personnel, and presented in concise and understandable format)

2. Employed methods and approaches to ensure fully successful performance

3. Conveyed the intended approach clearly and completely to ensure that there were no surprises

4. Was proactive and demonstrated initiative

5. Remained flexible to internal or external changes

6. Was effective in developing and implementing process improvements to make the support services development more efficient and more effective

7. Provided services in a professional unbiased manner

The PM will complete a quarterly evaluation of our QA processes and incorporate lessons learned. Our Quality Implementation Plan includes four distinct phases.

1. Initial staff training

2. Evaluation of existing plans, policies, and procedures to identify aspects in need of augmentation

3. Modification of existing plans, procedures, and policies

4. Verify achievement standards, including certification and credentialing of employees as well as conducting exercises to demonstrate compliance with the standards

Typically these implementation phases will overlap in order to speed and strengthen the process.


Upon contract award, PM will develop an audit schedule. Copies of the schedule will be sent to the Aeolus project team. We will use audit methods of 100 Percent Inspection, Random Sampling, Periodic Inspection and/or Customer Input as relevant.

Our audit team typically consists of the PM, and the functional area leads. Based the scope and complexity of the project, PM may include outside auditors as well.

PM will make Project Quality data available to all relevant personnel. This data will also be included for review at project team meetings and management review meetings. Quality will be an agenda item at all such meetings.

Documentation Requirements

The PM is responsible for maintaining an Audit Folder.  Along with any other data, the following information will be contained in the Audit Folder:

  1. Aeolus’s Quality Assurance Plan, Activity Log.  (A chronological log of the actions taken in the accomplishment of quality assurance)

  2. Contract.  (Applicable portions of the contract and SOW, modifications, and delivery orders.)

  3. Audit Checklists

  4. Quality Assurance Audit Schedules

  5. Corrective Action Request Log

  6. Corrective Action Requests

  7. Monthly Surveillance and Audit Status Reports

  8. Minutes/Memo’s/Miscellaneous Correspondence